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Resonating tales of the glorious past, the Pochampally Ikkat spins a magical spell with every weave. Leaving its mark across the changing face of dynasties and cultures, the Pochampally Ikkat as we know it today is a beautiful culmination of all things beautiful and old. A labour-intensive process, the weaving of Ikkat finds its way across multiple articles that adorn our bedrooms and festive desires alike.

The yarns are tied in a specific pattern as guided by the master weaver, once the tie-dying is done the yarns are taken to the loom then the weaving takes place.

The characteristic feature of these tie-dye textiles of India is the haze pattern which you can see on the fabric. The haze pattern is because of the tie-dye yarn used in the weaving pattern. Ikkat sarees have always been popular for its distinct style and unmatched beauty and this craft has stood the test of time in various fashion trends. Ikkat has always been the designers favourite.


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