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Our Story

Samprada Fashions | Our Story

Samprada is hardly a brand. It is an incarnation of the dedication and creativity of its founder – Vijaya Sheela. Samprada’s evolution started with Sheela’s love for customized, hand-painted dresses.

These dresses in turn were stylish and artistic but not exactly art pieces. Art as we know should be reason alone for its existence. These dresses were however as comfortable as they were artistic. Samprada was an unmatched fusion of fashion with purpose and pleasure. Inspired by the classic design chivalry of India, Sheela differentiates herself by adding hip to the hot – forming a confident collection of bold clothing lines that bow themselves to the immortality of the great subcontinent.

Sheela, however, barely let the spotlight and praise distract her from her true calling – fashion based social entrepreneurship. Her story continues as an inspiration to the nation. A young woman who pursued her interest was able to create fame for herself in an already competitive fashion industry. The main business idea revolves around producing custom made orders that are hand woven. The product range extends from Sarees to Scarves. Her hard work is just a reflection of the love for her work and the self-motivation that she seems to have been bestowed with in generous amounts. She takes fabric to haute couture in every element of her design. Sheela’s story is covered by major channels and she is popularly presented in different television programs on a regular basis.

Sheela understands that women need to be empowered. This is why Samprada’s ideology revolves around empowering women. Semi-skilled women are hired and through rigorous training and development, are taught to contribute their skills to the magic of Samprada. In addition to that, Sheela encourages her employees to think out of the box and be open about what they think. Today Sheela is working with a team of 20 women. While Samprada is growing into a unique position within the fashion industry, Sheela’s main concern is to nurture and develop women by providing them with suitable opportunities.